I would like to add my recommendation to the stack for Tammy.  She has been providing massage therapy for my chiropractor and, as a frequent patient, I have been very pleased with her work.Tammy has a wide range of techniques and she makes the most of them.  She is very sensitive to the needs of the clients she sees and is able to address whatever quirky little things I bring in as well as the on-going issues for which I see the doctor on a regular basis.
In addition, she is kind, friendly and very conscientious. I never have any concerns that she will hurt me or that she won’t understand the aches and pains.  She would be an asset to any staff.
Roxie L.


I wanted to share my story to acknowledge the difference Tammy’s touch  has had in my life. When I was a child, I had Polio and as a result I had an imbalanced gait and I could hardly stand on my right leg alone because it could not withstand the pressure. Having so many restrictions in exercising and after having children, I gained weight as well. To make an agonizingly long story short (multiple surgeries, various pain meds, hundreds of doctors visits), I suffer a tremendous amount of pain every day. My daughter is friends with Ms. Tammy and she set up my massages as a surprise gift to me. I resisted as usual, mostly because I am uncomfortable with people touching my entire body, but after the second session, I noticed my pain reduced enough for me to actually feel comfortable walking around and sitting down. Shockingly, the reduction in pain even lasted until  the next day. Now I look forward to the  massages I receive from Ms. Tammy weekly and it has been one of the only reprieves from pain that I have been able to experience in a long time! Thank you Ms. Tammy, you have made such a difference in my life and, more importantly,  in my QUALITY OF LIFE!! Thank you again!                                                                                                       Mina W.


I have been going to Tammy for over 2 months now and the results have been unbelievable! Within 2 weeks she had me loose and feeling even better than i did before my car accident. I don't know what I did before without her!                                                                                              Amir Z.


Tammy was the first massage therapist who found all of my knotts and worked them out. Perfect Pressure!                                                          Aimee M.

I wanted to thank you so much for helping me get better.  I was so skeptical of coming into your office to get some relief from the pain I was feeling.  Normally I tense up whenever anyone touches me, but you made me feel right at ease when I came into the room.  I was a mess.  My neck, shoulders, upper and lower back and right buttock were all on fire.  On my first visit, you were able to work on my neck, shoulders and back to where I felt some relief.  By my next visit, I was still feeling pain in different areas and again you were able to work on those areas on get them under control for the Doctor to work on.  After my third visit, I could actually move around a lot more and started to feel some relief of pain in my right buttock, which was excruciating.  My 4th visit, my buttock pain is now under control and my back is starting to feel much better.  Now, I look forward to my visits and can honestly say that I am on the road to managing and preventing my pain.
Thanks so much Tammy for what you have done to help me! 
MaryAnn F.


I work in an industry where I do physical work for most of my shift and it takes a toll on me.  When I come into the office, I know that Tammy is going to take care of me.  I look forward to my visits to help me manage my pain so I can get on with life.
Scott F.


Over the past few years I have endured much trials and tribulations.  I couldn't seem to bring myself to a relaxation state. I was walking around on edge.  One night an acquaintance of mine gave me Tammy's number.  I scheduled to have a swedish massage.  After leaving I felt like a new person. My body had never been as relaxed as I was after my massage with Tammy.                                                                                            Jeanine T.


Tammy your the best, when I started with you six weeks ago all my leg muscles were in knots and my hip was in pain all the time. You really helped me, I am back to hiking and running without pain!                                                                                            Thanks, Tom M.


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